Your Business Transformation starts right here!

Learn the organizational basics to build a stable, organically expanding business structure, based on field tested, proven management principles, covering goals & purposes, policy, sales, marketing, personnel, finance, solvency, production, quality assurance, new business, and more.


“To be effective and successful a manager must understand as fully as possible the goals and aims of the group he manages. ... He must be able to tolerate and better the practical attainments and advances of which his group and its members may be capable. He must strive to narrow, always, the ever-existing gulf between the ideal and the practical.”

L. Ron Hubbard

Our Mission: For our members to Flourish & Prosper through building a stable,
expanding business, efficiently run and managed.

At the Kyalami Business Expansion Club we share the management tools necessary, the marketing
and sales know-how required, the executive skills essential to making this happen.

What sets us apart? You get to discover, learn and apply it at the workshops. More than just networking.

Business Emergency

The Kyalami Charter Committee is offering a pro bono Business assessment recommendation of what to do and how to turn things around.


Where business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and staff gather weekly to educate themselves on the Hubbard® Management System, to organize and operate a more efficient business, through the implementation of the Model of Admin Know-How™ programme as the fundamental foundation.

All like-minded business people are welcome to attend.

It's more than a club. It is a fellowship, a gathering, a tribe; of business entrepreneurs helping one another to progress
in business through a common management system and purpose.

That our members flourish and prosper through building a stable, thriving business.

Kyalami Business Expansion Club

Discover and experience management tools that will enable you to build a stable, competent,
focused company geared towards expansion, organized and aligned, regardless of the economic climate.

the path to successsin 3 steps

Consistent, persistent, with self-discipline will win the day. Success is created, one knowledgeable step in the right direction, at a time. Keep walking.


meetup attendance

80% of success is simply showing up. Vital for attaining the knowledge required

design & develop

Get your organizing board functional & your strategies in place - get organized

align & adjust

Get coaching assistance putting the management essentials in place.

Your Business Transformation starts right here!

Join the 140 000+ other businesses worldwide in the application of the Hubbard® Management System and gear your business towards greater success, implementing systems that give your control, skills and tools to build stability in all facets of your business so you can Flourish & Prosper.