Kyalami Business Expansion Club

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Kyalami Business Expansion Club

Local WISE® Membership Associations provide seminars, events and meetings to both assist the local membership in their application of Hubbard Management Principles and to introduce others to them.

These seminars are commonly delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Typically, local WISE member seminars will present guest speakers and cover areas such as finance, management, organization, marketing, promotion, sales and personnel. There is always an opportunity to network and get briefed on local membership activities.

Kyalami Business Expansion Club is headed by Peter Hayward and Celia du Preez, both from a strong background in business management using the Hubbard® Management System, part of which the ethics and justice system that be utilized as a core tool in resolving conflicts and disputes amongst members.

Being a part of a membership brings order to the activity, where the members can interact, get answers to their specific problems, get references, guidance and coaching to address areas most needed.

Members are encouraged to invite their colleagues, friends, clients and customers to attend a workshop or meeting, and as an introductory service their first attendance is free. This gives a great opportunity to members to show those who they deal with what they subscribe to as a business practice.

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Join the 140 000+ other businesses worldwide in the application of the Hubbard® Management System and gear your business towards greater success, implementing systems that give your control, skills and tools to build stability in all facets of your business so you can Flourish & Prosper.