WISE Charter Committee

MISSION: To bring ethics and sanity to today's business world through the widespread dissemination and application of the hugely successful and highly effective administrative, ethics and justice systems and procedures of L. Ron Hubbard.

Kyalami Charter Committee Charter members of WISE® are a group within the WISE membership who establish Charter Committees in their local areas to provide dispute resolution services for business people as well as guidance in ethics matters of a business nature. They also assist business people in their implementation of the Hubbard® Management System and administer their local area WISE membership.

The purpose of this website is to make the activities and contributions of Charter members widely known thereby increasing their number and thus their impact on society. This site also serves to provide Charter members with benefits to assist them in their objectives.

Their objective is a world where honest productivity is justly rewarded, where individuals and groups are exchanging within society and prospering. Their vision of the workplace is an environment which is contributed to by all and which serves all. They are distinct from WISE International and its branch offices which provide the WISE membership and thus Charter Committees with benefits and guidance to achieve their objectives.

In the end, it is the combined efforts of our CEOs, technicians, administrators and workers which decide the standard of living and quality of life which is enjoyed by all. And for this reason Charter members work tirelessly to create a more ethical, sane and productive business world.

Dispute Resolution

Business, by its very nature, involves partnerships and agreements. It is these bonds and agreements which are the foundation of much growth and success. At times however, these relationships sour and disputes ensue; often quite explosive, they can crash production and consume those involved. The Standard Dispute Resolution service (an ADR, Alternative Dispute Resolution service) provides a swift, fair and inexpensive means of resolving conflicts and disputes in the workplace.

Using unique mediation procedures based exclusively on principles developed by L. Ron Hubbard®, a dispute handler is able to get to the root cause of a dispute, thereby opening the door to resolution. WISE member dispute resolution services are provided by Charter members of WISE, trained WISE members specially appointed to deliver this service to members.

Kyalami Charter Committee

Kyalami Charter Committee serves the Kyalami BEC as well as other BEC's and WISE members in the greater Johannesburg and outlying areas.

A Message from the Charter Committee Executives

Kyalami Charter Committee - Peter & Celia

"We fully understand that this technology is a way of life and understand exactly what executives, managers and leaders need to do in order to operate in this environment.

"As the newly appointed Charter Committee Members for Kyalami, we look forward to assisting all WISE members in their quests to flourish and prosper in their businesses.

"It is our intention to assist where possible, to guide our WISE members with the use of Mr Hubbard’s ethics and admin tech so that all can improve the viability of their organisations as leaders in their field and representatives of L Ron Hubbard’s Administrative Technology and its application.

Should you need to reach the Kyalami Charter Committee for any reason, you can email Peter Hayward or Celia du Preez directly. Alternatively you can use the contact form on this site, simply referencing charter committee in the subject line.

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