The Goals of WISE

The goal of WISE is an ethical, sane and prosperous civilization.

Natalia Nemes-Chourki - President WISE Africa

WISE® (International Association of Entrepreneurs) is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1979 in Los Angeles, USA.

Its goal is to unite all business people and professionals around the globe that want to apply L. Ron Hubbard® administrative technology, known as the Hubbard® Management System, in their businesses and in the business world around them.

Currently, there are 14 WISE offices around the world in 12 different countries with the headquarters (WISE International) located in Los Angeles California, USA. WISE unites thousands of business people that apply Hubbard Management System daily and who are obtaining excellent results in their businesses and life.

The Hubbard Management System is known and used by more than 140 000 companies in more than 125 countries around the world.

"Our mission is to help the individual in the workplace regardless of where he finds himself. For it is the individual: the CEO, the manager, the professional, the worker, who are the building blocks of society. Their efficiency, diligence and endeavors, their productivity, their efforts decide the standard of living and quality of life a community or nation will enjoy (or suffer)." President, WISE International

I would like to highlight one of the key benefits that makes members able to apply the basic principles of the Hubbard® Management System quickly and effectively in their businesses. This is the Model of Admin Know-HowTM workbook. The workbook contains programs with easy-to-follow steps that help business people get the basics of the Hubbard Management System in their businesses plus provides the theory behind this effective technology.

WISE also organizes conferences, workshops and seminars for WISE members throughout the year and sends out newsletters, magazines and info letters on a regular basis.

WISE helps WISE members to create stable businesses that bring good income and create huge satisfaction.

In addition to all of the above, a member also has the opportunity of being part of a group of likeminded individuals – successful and effective people - who want other people to achieve the same success as they do and to assist our society to flourish and prosper.

L. Ron Hubbard said:

“It is not man’s dreams that fail him. It is the lack of know-how required to bring those dreams into actuality.”

Use your benefits as a WISE member, apply the Hubbard Management System in your business and achieve your goals!

Flourish and Prosper!

President WISE Africa
Natalia Nemes-Choukri