The Core program being implimented by the Business Expansion Club members

As the backbone and 'bare essentials', the Model of Admin Know-How forms the essence, the very start point a business owner should have in place in order to build a thriving business ...

The Model of Admin Know-How Workbook

WISE® has created a series of tools to assist their members achieve success and prosperity in their businesses. Central to these tools is the Model of Admin Know-HowTM Program, or “MAKHTM” for short.

The Model of Administrative Know-How Program was put together to assist business people who have little or no experience with implementing the Hubbard® Management System so that they can immediately learn and apply these procedures in their business.

This program takes you step-by-step through successful implementation of L. Ron Hubbard’s organizational and management principles in your business.

Doing this program, you’ll come to understand exactly why more than 140 000+ companies have applied L. Ron Hubbard’s management principles to their businesses.

It covers basic organizational principles vital for any business to succeed by helping you create a stable and expanding organization. It will give you the know-how to:

  • start, grow or turn your business around
  • organize your business for efficiency and effectiveness
  • organize while you are coping with day-to-day work
  • manage your time and hats
  • manage your finances effectively
  • intelligently delegate workloads
  • create a competent, productive team
  • stamp out inefficiency and waste
  • maximise production and profit

What is inside the Model of Admin Know-How

The Product

The importance of a product (Valuable Final Product) simply cannot be understated. It is what the company exchanges for its very survival and if this is not grasped by management and staff alike, the company can suffer. Once the concept of what his really is, its role and value, a new perspective is born.

If it is actually producing valuable final products then it is entitled to support. How well organized things are increases products volume and improves quality and thus can bring about viability.


L. Ron Hubbard discovered the exact functions which comprise the universal cycle of production — the steps to create a product or deliver a service. Regardless of the type of business, omitted functions from this cycle can prevent high-quality products from being produced in a large and viable volume. These functions are laid out in an organizational chart known as an organizing board or org board. It is a pattern that can be applied to any organization, from three people to 100,000.

This organizing board is the first principle you will implement in your company using the Model of Admin Know-How workbook, and by doing so you can dramatically streamline production lines and increase efficiency.


The use of statistics is the only way to accurately measure production. Thus, the second action is to assign statistics to every position and function in your activity. Statistics show precisely where production is lacking and indicate which technique one should apply to increase it. With statistics in place, one can analyze any business activity and take the necessary actions to improve it.

The Conditions Formulas

"A vital thing to realize is that the formulas of conditions exist. They are part and parcel of any activity in this universe and now that they are known they must be complied with. This takes about 90 percent of chance out of business operation or personal economics" L. Ron Hubbard

The declaration of a Condition is something new. The Conditions, themselves, are not. Organizationally, a Condition is an operating state and, oddly enough, in the physical universe there is a formula connected with each one of these operating steps. One has to do the steps of a Condition formula in order to improve one’s condition. These formulas apparently have to be followed in this universe or you will go “appetite over tin cup”. [(slang) a pioneer Western US term used by riverboat men on the Missouri; it means thrown away violently like "head over heels," "bowled over."]

Office Communications

L. Ron Hubbard once wrote: “The power of an organization is directly proportional to its speed of particle flow…”

Thus the next vital action is to establish the Hubbard communications system. This includes a communication station for all employees with exact rules of communication protocol to get your organization humming with production.


Next you will implement L. Ron Hubbard’s renowned finance policy, a simple system which puts you on a course to financial independence and which ensures financial stability for your company.

The Model of Admin Know-How

The Model of Admin (Administrative) Know-How workbook shows you how to implement into your business L. Ron Hubbard’s organizational and management principles.

It covers how to optimize a business for maximum production and profit, how to intelligently delegate workloads, how to create a competent, productive team and how to stamp out inefficiency and waste. This is a perfect tool to create a business plan for your company’s development and growth.

Doing this workbook, you’ll come to understand exactly why more than 140,000+ companies have applied the Hubbard® Management System to their businesses.

Getting Started

Your first step on the route to a stable and expanding business is to contact us to join (if you are not already a WISE Member) the Kyalami BEC so that you can get your Model of Admin Know-How workbook and to work out the best way forward in getting the content applied in your business. This will give you a step-by-step guide to the implementation of the basic organizational principles.

As this is the core program for your business success, we also offer Model of Admin Know-How Coaching so that you can get this implimented into your business smoother and faster.

Your Business Transformation starts right here!

Join the 140 000+ other businesses worldwide in the application of the Hubbard® Management System and gear your business towards greater success, implementing systems that give your control, skills and tools to build stability in all facets of your business so you can Flourish & Prosper.