Success is hard fought for. There is no easy route or short cut to attaining it. With a proven management system in place, it becomes a reality ...

It takes vision, determination, persistence, consistency, confidence, courage not to mention outstanding products and services, management and staff. What makes it happen is the organization and alignment of activities that streamlines and makes efficient the daily functions of a company. It is the policy, programs, and projects put in place. The staff training and the valuable final products produced. This requires a management system to be in place, to manage the people, the results and to keep them constant, moving forward, expanding, all with one purpose in mind: to flourish and prosper.

This means managers and executives who can manage and execute. And the skills and know-how to pull it off.

Business Expansion Club

Our network meetups are designed to bring like-minded business people together, to learn, to share and to apply what has been learned. Where assistance is required, coaching is provided. Enter the Model of Admin Know-HowTM. This is the backbone of the management system taught at Kyalami Business Expansion Club. All members are required to involve themselves in learning and applying it to and in their business.

Workshops for the Month

It's time to play your true game

It's Time to Play Your True Game

By Lee Burns | Thurs 21 Jan | Zoom R 150

Covering these key ingredients:

Be prepared to be awestruck as the subject matter of what Lee will cover addresses the four datums about an activity that, when applied and lived, changes the game entirely. Lee has a magic about him in the way he delivers his message. The way he articulates and brings about the understanding of the material he is sharing, in a fun, insouciant manner. You cannot but be uplifted and inspired and raring to get this into practice in your own life.

Creating your family org board

Creating Your Family Org Board

By Peter & Celia | Thurs 10 Dec | Zoom

Covering these key ingredients:

Come learn from Peter and Celia as they share the key references to become more effective and efficient across all your dynamics, to put order into your environment and get better organized and ultimately to have more quality time with your family.

Increase Your Productivity by 10X

10X Your Productivity

By Zwelakhe Mabece | Thurs 3 Dec | Zoom

Covering these key ingredients:

“Effective use of Battle Planning to get more done. This is one of the most under-rated LRH management tools that get production and expansion happening, you simply cannot ignore. 10X Your Productivity. Use BPs effectively and consistently.

Achieve in less time more

Obtain Your Ideal Scene

Delivered by Peter & Celia | Thursday 16 Jan

Covering these key ingredients:
Building on the first strategic planning workshop, we will cover these vital elements of expansion, aligning them to your Ideal Scene while also addressing the existing scene.

Establishing the WHY behind the WHAT

Establishing The Why

Delivered by Peter & Celia | Thursday 24 Jan

Covering these key ingredients:

“Establishing the Why” stopping you from achieving your Ideal Scene. This is the next step after strategic planning, as we build our businesses up into MAKH award recipients 2020.

Peter & Celia December talk


Delivered by Peter & Celia | Sun 1 Dec

Covering these key ingredients:
- The importance of personnel selection
- Not being reasonable
- The power of good PR

Strategic Planning for 2020


Delivered by Peter & Celia | Thursday 9 Jan

Covering these key ingredients:
- Peter & Celia bring their knowledge and experience into the mix of key LRH references on Strategic Planning, covering the Ideal Scene.